Log. 20th November, 2012.

There's been some discussion on the CoCoList recently about illegal op-codes on the 6809. Now, DarrenA has written a comprehensive document summarising (most of) these, but it reminded me of something I wrote for Dragon Update as a kid:


I'm not exactly sure what I was going for there, though I suspect it was a brief attempt at developing a writing style similar to that of games reviewers I appreciated at the time. Jason Orbaum would be chief of these, having written copiously for Dragon User in various guises, and doing a much better job of it than I would have managed. I'd like to say "obv." here, but it turns out he wrote his first DU review at the same age I was while writing that article.

Probably for the best that I didn't attempt a career in writing.

DarrenA's far better documentation

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