XRoar - Dragon & CoCo emulator

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XRoar is a Dragon emulator for Linux, Unix, Mac OS X and Windows. Due to hardware similarities, XRoar also emulates the Tandy Colour Computer (CoCo) models 1 & 2. Feature list.

These are the latest packaged builds. For old versions, see the file archive. The latest source code is version 0.32, released 2014-04-22.

Windows (64-bit)xroar-0.32-w64.zip
Windows (32-bit)xroar-0.32-w32.zip
Mac OS X 10.6+ (64-bit Intel)XRoar-0.32.dmg
Mac OS X 10.4XRoar-0.32-104.dmg
Nintendo DSxroar-0.24fp3-nds.zip

The manual is available in various forms: PDF, HTML and plain text. See Getting started for a quick guide to running XRoar.

Firmware ROM images are required to usefully run this emulator. If you have difficulty extracting these from your real Dragon or CoCo, dumps may be available from the Dragon Archive.

Want a Dragon in your browser? Here's a limited but functional Flash version of XRoar. Needs Flash 10 and a pretty fast computer.

Notes for version 0.32

For full version information, see the ChangeLog.

Known issues

Source code

This is the latest source code release. For previous releases, see the file archive.

Source codexroar-0.32.tar.gz

A git repository is provided:

$ git clone http://www.6809.org.uk/repos/xroar.git

See Building from source in the manual for instructions on building from source.


XRoar is free software, distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

Binary packages may be linked against SDL and/or libsndfile.


Tormod Volden has contributed this build for Android. For more information see its readme.txt. For patches, etc., check out Tormod's website.


CrashSerious has ported XRoar 0.24 to the PS3. Download the PS3roar binary, or clone the PS3roar git repository. There's an announcement page with discussion here.

drHirudo has ported XRoar to AmigaOS 4 (!), available here.

ZX-81 has ported XRoar 0.19 to the Sony PSP and GP2X handhelds. Check for "Tandy Coco" in the list of categories on ZX-81's web site.

Ron from DCEmu started a port to the Dreamcast called DragonDC. The last post about it I can find was from the 12th April 2007.

Similar projects

MESS, the "Multiple Emulator Super System", emulates a variety of old computer hardware, Dragon included. Source available.

T3 and PC-Dragon, two DOS-only emulators written by Paul Burgin. Source code is available for PC-Dragon, but redistribution of modified copies (of the source) is not permitted, amongst other restrictions. T3 is closed source.

Vcc, a Windows-only CoCo 3 emulator. Does not emulate CoCo 1/2 (beyond what compatibility a CoCo 3 had) or Dragon. Closed source, website expired.



Updated 23 Jun 2014