Archived Dragon Miscellany


Everything on this page is from a bygone era. It's unlikely to be of any use now, and writing style will be terrible.


The previous version of asm6809 was written in Perl. It also supported 6800/6801/6803 ISAs (but these were less tested). The accepted syntax differs very slightly.

DragonDOS disk reading tools

PC/MS-DOS tools written in Turbo C for reading DragonDOS disks. Includes tools to translate disk files into CAS files. Unfortunately, there is little documentation available, they try to access the drive directly, and I seem to remember the drive being hard-coded. Like most equivalent software, won't work in this day and age unless you have a drive controller that can handle SD/DD disks (sadly rare). They also probably won't work under Windows.


A Dragon 64 tool to use the maximum possible memory for copying disks. Works very much like Graham Kinns' FASTBACK, but is relocatable so you don't have to lose current work.



Updated 5 Jan 2017