evilwm - we sold our souls to the window manager

evilwm is a minimalist window manager for the X Window System. Some features:


Source code version 1.4.3, released 2024-03-09: evilwm-1.4.3.tar.gz. Other downloads.

Debian snapshot builds are available in the Apt repository.

Ubuntu snapshot builds are available in this PPA on Launchpad.

Git repository: git clone https://www.6809.org.uk/git/evilwm.git

NetBSD packages are available in pkgsrc.

The manual is available in these formats: PDF, HTML and plain text. See the installation guide for instructions on building from source and starting evilwm.

Notes for version 1.4

Fixes in version 1.4.1

Fixes in version 1.4.2

Fixes in version 1.4.3

This single functional change replicates the behaviour of xfwm4, and ensures that the new Clock applet in Xfce Panel does not fade when the panel loses focus.

For version change history, see the ChangeLog.

[n] - reported by, [by n] - contributed by, [with n] - developed with.


License: evilwm was originally based on aewm, so it is distributed under the same terms. Check the manual for details. In short: free software, keep some notices intact.

Updated 9 Mar 2024