Apt repository for 6809.org.uk

This repository holds source and binary packages for some software on this site:

Binary packages should be available for amd64, and possibly i386, arm64, and armhf.

Adding the repository to Apt

First, fetch the signing key. I use the same key to sign these that I use to upload to Launchpad, so you can get this from the Ubuntu keyserver:

wget -qO- 'http://keyserver.ubuntu.com/pks/lookup?op=get&search=0x26318813399a679f' > /etc/apt/keyrings/www.6809.org.uk.asc

Next, create an apt sources file, /etc/apt/sources.list.d/www.6809.org.uk.sources with the following contents:

Types: deb deb-src
URIs: http://www.6809.org.uk/debian/
Suites: testing
Components: main
Signed-By: /etc/apt/keyrings/www.6809.org.uk.asc

Run apt update, then apt install packagename

Deprecated: using apt-key to add the repository to Apt

The old way of importing the signing key is as follows. It's a little more straightforward, but Apt would end up trusting it for any package, not just the ones from my site:

# Key: Ciaran Anscomb <launchpad@6809.org.uk>
apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys 26318813399A679F

You could then include single-line sources entries in the main /etc/apt/sources.list:

# 6809.org.uk binaries
deb http://www.6809.org.uk/debian testing main
# 6809.org.uk source packages
deb-src http://www.6809.org.uk/debian testing main

This method is deprecated, and may disappear from Debian soon.

Updated 3 Aug 2023