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Picture of a CoCo 3Welcome to my web page. The Tandy Color Computer 3 may well be the ultimate hobby computer. It's easy to program, easily interfaces with the real world (It has 4 analog inputs, 1 analog output, and numerous digital inputs and outputs built-in), and it's easy to create your own hardware. I've put up a few of my own programs, projects, information, and links to other people's CoCo pages. This page is still small but there are still things I want to add later. We need to support our CoCo as much as possible these days - If you know (or maintain) any neat CoCo web pages, don't hesitate to let me know via the feedback option at the bottom of this page.
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Snapshot of Boink demo
My CoCo 3 Stuff, Programs & Projects

Donkey Kong Remixed New! The classic arcade game has been remixed! With new levels and unexpected twists on the classic gameplay!
Donkey Kong The classic arcade game is on the CoCo 3 - All the gameplay, all the levels, all the intermissions!
Video Game Controller Family Tree See the evolution of home console controllers in this family tree. Each controller has a page with a description.
Gloom-3D demo A first-person '3D' perspective walk-through maze demonstration for the CoCo3! Now updated with video clips and some new information.
CoCo Demos page Photos, downloads, MPEG videos and information about my #1,2, Moon and Boink Bouncing ball demos. (nifty graphics, many colors, very fast). Includes versions patched for 6309 & 2Meg CoCos
CoCoTracker Find out about the latest version of CoCo-Tracker. (The CoCo MOD file player!) There is also an MPEG video if you just want to see it in action.
HiColor viewer HiColor now does 6000 Simultaneous colors on the CoCo 3. And it imports BMP & IMG files too.
4mhz CoCo Project Photos and Information about the 4Mhz CoCo accelerator project, and a few ideas about other ways to accelerate your CoCo3 hardware
GIME register reference By popular demand - I've made a page outlining the CoCo3's GIME chip registers.
CoCo4 Ideas Mostly wishful thinking. But, who knows? It might actually happen.
Twilight Terminal Find out all about Twilight Terminal for 512k CoCo3. It does what no other terminal program can do! Now supports 6309 Native mode
Digi-512 An audio digitizer for 512K CoCo3 and some sample files. Unlike other digitizers, Digi-512 compresses data for longer recordings.
RS232 Pak Upgrade Want to make your RS232 Pak run better at high speeds? Need some info to use it in your own programs? Here's the data you need!
Pictures & Stuff A few pictures and information about my past computers, and a couple of screenshots to boot.

Links To other folks' CoCo web pages

- - All sources of CoCo stuff from one page? Maybe not yet, but it's getting there. Check it out for fest info, hardware upgrades, software and more.
- Cloud-9 - Cool Stuff For Your CoCo - Tons of hardware you can get, including a SCSI controller, IDE CompactFlash adapter, AT Keyboard interface, Pro-Tector, Memory upgrades, 6309s, and more!
- L. Curtis Boyle's Page - A fantastic collection of CoCo game pictures and information that keeps growing. Also includes NitOS9 software, and an interview with Ken Kalish.
- The Color Computer games review page - A great new site with CoCo game reviews and photos. There are currently 65 games reviewed!
- Robert Gault's CoCo page - The page has Robert's articles, software for sale, downloads, FAQs, GIME & hardware register summaries and also some CoCo history.
- Nickolas Marentes' Project Archive - Nick's new page includes information on all his CoCo projects and programs, interviews, software downloads and interesting information about the CoCo 3's (still) elusive 256 color mode.
- CoCo Quest - Mike Snyder's CoCo page contains many downloads of games he has written, as well as news and information about CoCos and emulators.
- Jim's TRS-80 CoCo Page - This page is really great. There's something for everyone - pictures, news, information, history, technical stuff and more!
- Larry's Home Page - Larry Greenfield's page covers various topics, including a CoCo section which also has a number of his programs available for download.
- Alan DeKok's Personal Hobbies and Interests - Some technical stuff, 6309 data, OS-9 & NitrOS-9 info.
- Paul T. Barton's Home Page - Paul's page shows his wire-wrapped CoCo3! It's very interesting to see. He also has a second page here with pictures of a 2 Meg board, a 1-chip IDE interface and more! *And* he also made a 1-chip version of my 4Mhz accelerator!
- CoCoMan's Web Page - Coco news, items for sale, FIDOnet reposts, Links, and my drawing :)
- Color Computer stuff - Home grown CoCo1/2 software, tech stuff, lots of CoCo links.
- Tandy/TRS-80 Color Computer InfoPage - Al Huffman's CoCo page. Read about the CoCo-fests, latest news, clubs and organizations.
- Techno's Favorite 8-bit Micro: The TRS-80 CoCo - Lots of interesting information about the various models of the CoCo, including pictures.
- Paul D's CoCo Pages - Quite a bit of stuff including hardware information, pictures, projects & emulators.
- Wyss Home Page - PA CoCoFest report! CoCo preservation society, CoCo Friends Disk Magazine, Free CoCo software, PEEKs & POKEs, CoCo emulator info.

CoCo Software, emulators & clones

- Mocha - A Java-Based TRS-80 Color Computer Emulation - A CoCo emulator right on the web! Now you can use a virtual CoCo from *anywhere* that has internet. Very cool.
- Jeff Vavasour's Home Page - Jeff's page includes numerous emulators he wrote, including the CoCo 2 & 3 emulators. The CoCo 3 emulator is now freeware and the source code is available as well!
- Tandy Color Computer FTP! - CoCo 1/2/3 file archive. EVERYTHING got wiped out in here recently, please make an effort to upload as many things back as possible - it's very important that the CoCo have a file archive.
- The Dungeons of Daggorath - A page devoted to the classic CoCo game, considered by many to be one of the best games of all time!
- Virtual CoCo - A CoCo emulator for the Macintosh is being developed!
- Programas para o CP-400 Color - A CoCo2 clone. Includes ROMs, Jeff's emulator & software.
- Paul Burgin's Dragon Page - A CoCo clone. CoCo emulators, links, information, software.

CoCo Clubs, User Groups and CoCo Fests

- Glenside Color Computer Club - The biggest CoCo club around, supporting the CoCo 1,2 & 3.
- Peninsula Color Computer Club Info - The club supports Tandy CoCo 1/2/3, Atari, MSDOS, C64/C128 and Amiga computers, but all types of colour computers are welcome!

CoCo Information

- Color Computer Technical Reference Manual - An online version of the Color Computer Technical manual. Very nice.
- Color Computer FAQ - Frequently asked questions about the CoCo answered.
- CoCo Chronicles - The history of the Color Computer.
- Tandy Color Computer Unravelled Series - The CoCo's ROM code disassembled and explained.
- EPROM Programmer Schematics - If you want to build one, here's the plans!

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