Sock Master's CoCoTracker version 1.3

Click here to see a video of CoCo Tracker I'd like to introduce my newest program, CoCoTracker! This is probably the most amazing program ever made for the CoCo3. If you thought some of my other programs did the impossible, you're in for a new surprise!

CoCoTracker version 1.3 requires a Hitachi 6309, but with good reason. It's long been thought to be impossible to play MOD files on the CoCo because of the CPU power required for the job. Now, with the use of creative programming techniques, and using every single dirty trick I could think of, I've been able to push enough CPU power out of a 2Mhz 6309 CoCo3 to get the job done. Not only that, but the program also has a nice and very fast graphics display to go along with the 4 channel digitized audio playback.

This latest version also gives you the option to output the sound through an Orchestra-90 Pak, for higher fidelity stereo sound. It also lets you load MOD files from double sided &/or 80 track disks with regular RS-DOS.

Click here to view a video clip of CoCo Tracker in action.

CoCoTracker Files to Download

MOD13.TXTCoCoTracker v1.3 introduction text file
MOD13.BASCoCoTracker loader program, version 1.3 in CoCo BASIC ASCII.
MOD13.BINCoCoTracker version 1.3 (6309 required) in CoCo BINary.
MOD.GIFSnapshot of CoCoTracker version 1.3

Now also available, the new 6809 version!

MOD6809.TXTCoCoTracker 6809 introduction text file
MOD6809.BASCoCoTracker 6809 loader program, in CoCo BASIC ASCII.
MOD6809.BINCoCoTracker 6809 version 1.0 in CoCo BINary.

Links to places you can find MOD files - CoCo 1/2/3 file area.
The Mod Archive - Tons and tons of .MOD files.

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