Sock Master's Twilight Terminal version 2.12

Snapshot of Twilight Terminal
Twilight Terminal is probably one of my most famous programs. It all started out as an experimental program that I made so that I could finally get to see what I was 'supposed' to see online after I had added ANSI colors to my BBS.
As most of you know, the display on other CoCo terminal programs lacks a number of features that are commonly used by BBSes. Twilight Terminal finally overcomes the limitations of the CoCo3's text video display and lets you see things as they should be seen.

What you get:

  • 16 text foreground colors - not the 8 color limit in the hardware text mode.
  • All the IBM Extended ASCII characters - not 7 bit ASCII text.
  • A large 80X32 text display - not the standard 80X25 text display.
  • Dynamically smooth scrolling display - not the jumpy scrolling that's unreadable at high baud rates.
  • 19200 bps operation with RS232 Pak or 9600 bps with serial port - Other programs only manage 9600 bps with the RS232 Pak, or 2400 bps otherwise.
  • There are other features like pop-up menus, a multiple number auto-dialer, a fast capture buffer viewer, and good configurability. Yes, there are still some features entirely missing like file transfers, but if you want a good terminal program for communicating - this is it!

    Twilight Terminal Files

    Twi-Term.bin Twilight Terminal version 2.12 (req. 512K) in CoCo BINary. Now supports 6309 Native mode
    Twi-Term.cut Twilight Terminal version 2.12 in CUTS encoding
    Twi-Inst.txt Twi-Term v2.06 instruction file (Sorry, it's out of date!)
    CUTS .bas Use CUTS to decode .CUT files back into Binary

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