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Odds & sods I have to sell. Contact me to confirm availability and price to ship.

Postage is through Royal Mail, and all prices are listed in GBP. Payment would be through Paypal. The second (larger) price in the tables includes Paypal fees, in case you don't feel comfortable "sending to a friend".

A sadly important note: attempting to deliver even to the EU resulted in a major delay, stressful to both sides. What with this all being hobbyist stuff, I'm also not VAT registered, which seems to complicate exports too these days. So I've removed all non-UK pricing. Sorry.

None of that applies to Blockdown, which is being sold by someone else!

Blockdown for Dragon & Tandy CoCo

Blockdown cartridge
Blockdown cartridge

Neil Blanchard of the CoCo Crew is producing cartridges of Blockdown. Using the Games Master Cartridge, this version features crisp sound and background music, and comes in a professionally-made box.

$40 (US) plus shipping (from the Americas); please email Neil at

Dunjunz for Dragon & Tandy CoCo

Dunjunz tape
Dunjunz tape

Professionally-made cassette tapes of my rewrite of Dunjunz. A hobbyist fan-made project based on someone elses game, so selling at cost price.

Details here:

11 tapes available. Base price £4.15, so total price incl. shipping:

        UK Standard 1st Class                £6.10      £6.58
        UK Standard 2nd Class                £5.70      £6.17

CoCo 3 512K SRAM upgrade

CoCo 3 512K SRAM
CoCo 3 512K SRAM

Working prototypes. There was a minimum PCB order, so these are my spares offered at little more than cost price. Hand soldered - don't expect them to look super professional, but they've been tested as working on my CoCo 3!

As described here:

All gone, sorry!

Updated 9 Mar 2024