The Sony PlayStation Dual Shock Controller

Sony PlayStation Dual Shock

Shortly after Sony's Dual Analog controller was released, Nintendo introduced vibration funtion to their Nintendo 64 controller (in the form of the Rumble Pak). In response, Sony again retooled and refined their controller to also include vibration.

Instead of one motor, they decided to fit two into the most logical unused space in the controller - inside the handles.

Sony also added a new innovation in the form of push-buttons within the thumb sticks. They now click when pushed down and serve as buttons L3 and R3. The top surface of the sticks was also refined. It is now convex and and coated with rubber to give a better grip.

The handles were shrunk down back to their original (pre-analog controller) length and the "analog" button was set deeper to make it harder to press accidentally. The third (flight stick) controller mode from the Dual Analog controller was also eliminated in this controller.

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