The Sony PlayStation Dual Analog Controller

Sony PlayStation Dual Analog

In response to the revolutionary Nintendo 64 controller, Sony retooled their own controller to also make it more suitable for the future of 3D gaming.

Instead of adding just one analog stick like on the Nintendo 64 controller, Sony added two to theirs. I suspect this was mainly in order to maintain the controller's symmetry as there was no convenient location to add just one. An "analog" button was also added to enable or disable the thumb sticks - a way to retain compatibility with previous games that do not support analog sticks. An LED shows which mode the controller is in. Aside from just on (red) or off (off), the controller also supports a third mode (green) in which the thumb sticks emulate Sony's Dual Analog Flight Stick.

The thumb sticks are hard plastic, and concave at the tops to help keep thumbs from slipping. The handles were also elongated to make it easier to hold.

This controller was discontinued shortly after being released, and was quickly replaced by the Dual Shock controller.

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