Nintendo Super Family Controller (prototype)

Nintendo Super Family

Here is a rare look at what seems to be an actual prototype controller for the Nintendo Super Family Computer - later released as the Super Famicom in Japan, and then as the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in North America.

It looks pretty similar to the final production version of the controller except for one very obvious feature - there are no shoulder buttons on this controller! It would seem that the shoulder buttons were added fairly late in the design of the Super Famicom/Super Nintendo.

This controller also shows signs of unfinished design. The case molding lacks some finishing touches like the molded hole for the cable, which also has a different connector. It has NES styled start and select buttons, and lacks the sticker that goes around the circular indentation around the face buttons.

Inside the case it also seems unfinished and prototypical. It seems to be assembled from SNES-like and also some NES-like parts which have been hand-cut to fit. The hand-soldered chip inside bears a date code of 9051, which means it was manufactured in the 51st week of 1990.

Nintendo Super Famicom

Here is what the production version of the Super Famicom and controller looked like.

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