The NES Advantage Controller

NES Advantage

The NES Advantage is high quality arcade style joystick for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Unlike normal controllers that have miniaturized buttons and controls, the NES Advantage features a large base and full sized joystick and buttons.

To give the players even more advantage the controller also feaures two independently adjustable Turbo buttons, which are rapid-fire versions of the A and B buttons. In addition, there is also a Slow button which enables auto-triggering on the Start button; the effect of which is to rapidly pause and unpause - making the game play in slow-motion.

One novel feature of the NES Advantage is the Player 1 2 switch. This allows you to share your advantage with another player by taking turns using the same controller without having to plug and unplug cables.

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Descendants - Super Advantage, Neo-Geo AES

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