The Sega Saturn Controller

Sega Saturn

It's almost like looking at the 6 button Genesis controller, isn't it? Again, this looks to be just an incremental evolution of Sega's previous controller.

The directional pad looks slightly different, but the main new thing this time around is that Sega finally added two shoulder buttons. Unfortunately, the shoulder buttons feel odd and clicky.

The Saturn was released in 1995, but sold relatively poorly compared to Sony's Playstation. Like the controller, the system itself was designed as an evolution of the Genesis - geared for 2D gaming first, although it was capable of doing 3D. The Playstation hardware, on the other hand was designed with 3D gaming first in mind.

Ancestors - Sega Genesis 6 Button Controller, Super Nintendo

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Descendants - Sega Saturn Model 2 Controller, Sega Saturn 3D Control Pad

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