The Sony PlayStation 3 SIXAXIS Controller

Sony PlayStation 3 Sony PlayStation 3

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Sony decides to stick with the tried and true form of their previous controllers (possibly a result of the public outry about the original boomerang shaped PS3 concept controller.)

Taking a cue from both Microsoft and Nintendo, Sony has added a few new features to the PS3 controller. There is now a "home" button in the center as well as four LEDs to indicate which player number each controller is. The controller is wireless with a USB port on the back for charging (and/or optional wired connection). The bottom trigger buttons have also been refined to make them more trigger-like.

The big news is tilt and motion detectors within the controller. This would give the controller some of the motion/gesture functionality of Nintendo's Wii controller, but it is not capable of point-and-shoot type precision.

The rumble/shock function has been removed. Official word is that it was removed because it interferes with the motion sensor but it's most likely for legal reasons (Immersion's patent infringement lawsuit against Sony.)

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