The Atari Jaguar Controller

Atari Jaguar

The Jaguar was Atari's last venture into the console market. And if there was ever an odd blending of two dissimilar controllers, this would probably be it.

Instead of following in the footsteps of their previous console, the Jaguar controller seems to be a mix of their older Atari 5200 controller and the Sega Genesis controller.

The mix of both horizontal (Sega Genesis) and vertical (Atari 5200) styles results in bulky and complicated controller.

By this point in time, the analog joystick had widely been abandoned and the 8-directional control pad was used instead. An analog stick might have fit well with the Jaguar's 3D capabilities, but Atari may have been very hesitant to include one after complaints of their failure-prone Atari 5200 controller.

Ancestors - Atari 5200, Sega Genesis

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Descendants - Atari Jaguar 6-button controller

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