The Panasonic 3DO Controller

Panasonic 3DO

What would happen if Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo controllers had a baby? This is what the resulting controller would probably have looked like.

This controller has two shoulder buttons and two center buttons like on the Super Nintendo controller, and a directional pad and face buttons like on the Genesis controller. Oddly, though, the center buttons are labelled X and P instead of the otherwise almost universal select and start.

As the 3DO was intended to be a multimedia machine, the controller also features video/audio playback controls labelled on the controller itself. The center buttons are stop and play/pause while the directional pad itself has labels for fast forward, reverse, skip forward and back. (The later Sony Playstation also seems to have adopted similar multimedia designations for it's controller.) In keeping with the multimedia theme, the controller also has a headphone jack built into it, and a volume knob.

Lastly, an oddity of sorts; Although the console only has one controller port, the controllers themselves have an additional port on them to allow more controllers to be chained together.

Ancestors - Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis

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